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Welcome to Thaiz Jewellery!


Every piece is entirely made by hand and with lots of love.

Made to order Jewellery to avoid unnecessary usage of Materials

Unique Jewellery. A handmade piece will never look exactly the same!

About Me


Hi, I am Thais, the designer and maker behind Thaiz Jewellery.

"Being creative and designing unique jewellery is a passion of mine that I discovered from a young age. As a child, I would play for hours and hours in my room making simple beads bracelets.

Recently, I was lucky enough to find my way back to making Jewellery and to sharing my creations with my special customers.

As all my pieces are made by hand, I develop a special connection to each and every one of them. Seeing an idea come to life is always a joyful moment!".

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