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Fairtrade Gold Jewellery

Thais Canova Zaccarias Jewellery SP

8003 Zürich Switzerland

+41 79 718 2995

Topaz & Silver Dangle Earrings


Inspired by the idea of abstract Tree branches and leaves (also known as Tree Crown), this Dangle earrings are a perfect balance of redifined femininity and modernity. 


This delicate design is accented with stunning rich blue Topaz gemstones.

Perfect for every Occasion, Earrings are very light and designed to be comfortable to wear!


- Handcrafted with Recycled Sterling Silver 97,2, a special alloy that does not contain copper and is, therefore, highly tarnish resistant.

- Ethically sourced Swiss Blue Topaz, measuring 5x5mm

- Earrings have total lenght of 4cm.


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