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Designed to be modern and comfortable to wear, these Rings are perfect as an everyday accessory.


Wear it alone, in pairs or with as many as you like. Create your own unique look!




- Handmade with recycled Silver 925

- Rings band is 1.5mm

- Available in two different designs: Vertical or Horizontal Tree textures.

- Sold individually or in set of 3 or  5!

- Sets are offered in two options:

  • Set of 3 (A): 2 Vertical Textured Ring + 1 Horizontal
  • Set of 3 (B): 2 Horizontal Textured Ring + 1 Vertical
  • Set of 5 (A): 3 Vertical Textured Ring + 2 Horizontal
  • Set of 5 (B): 3 Horizontal Textured Ring + 2 Vertical


Stacking Rings

  • Rings available at THAIZ JEWELLERY are measured according to US Standard Sizing. Please click here to check our conversion chart and/OR discover your Ring Size!

  • Click here and check out Tips & Tricks on how to keep your Jewellery clean!

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