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How it all started...

"As a child, I used to play all afternoon by myself in my room or outside in the garden, making necklaces and bracelets with all sorts of Beads I could find at the local market. At times my Mother would join me, and we would just sit there, creating whatever came to mind, for hours. Sometimes we would even find little rounded seeds or tiny little coconuts that felt down from our home trees, and there we were, drilling a hole, painting, polishing it... and surely enough, something would come out of it.

Growing up and going off to College meant finding a career path that would guide me through life. That wasn't easy. I had no idea what I wanted to do or become, and in between all the backs and forwards, I opted for the Hospitality Industry. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to move to Switzerland in order to finish my Educational Degree and start my career. However, as it happens to the majority of us, after a couple of years, I found myself unhappy and lacking motivation to do anything that was work related. 


One day, being frustrated as I was and far away from home, I called my Mom. I wanted to give up everything and go home. She then, wisely and very calmly, reminded me that deep inside of me, I knew that that was not the right thing to do. Running away would never ease or change what I was feeling. She then just said "Why don't you study Jewellery Design? Remember how much fun we had doing that in the past?". It then just clicked! I saw the light at the end of the Tunnel. 

I saved all the money I could save. Quit my Job and told my then boyfriend, now Husband ,"I am going to Italy!". I booked a 3 months Jewellery Designing course in Florence, and thanks to all his support, I survived. I survived all my doubts, my "What am I doing here" moments, my "what am I going to do after". Everything. 

After these 3 months ended, I returned to Zürich and simply kept going. I let my creativity run free, bought a bunch of tools and books, and started making Jewellery at home. Shortly after I moved to my own Atelier, which by the way, my husband found for me (oh well, i did take up a lot of space with my 1 million tools laying around). And just like that, my first collection "Tree" took shape.

I will be forever thankful to have had such an amazing Mom that knew me so well and helped me discover my true passion."


Thaiz Jewellery Workshop

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