Love is in the air....

Planning a Wedding is a dream come true for the most of us, and so is finding the perfect wedding ring! However, at times, it is simply hard to find exactly what we are looking for. Even impossible! And that is why I am here!


Let's design your Wedding Rings!

Together I will help you create the perfect design that suits you best! You will be involved in every decision made, making this experience all the more special and unique!

Here are some things that we will look at:

- Material, 

- Ring width, thickness and shape,

- With or without gemstones,

- What kind of final polish effect,

- Would you like to have any message engraved inside (or outside) the ring band? Or simply a date and name?


Now, all you have to do is get in touch and make an appointment! We could either meet at my Workshop in Zürich (Kreis 3), or at a Coffee Shop near you! Besides designing, I do love a good cup of coffee:)

Here are some examples of my work: