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In this section I will share with you two simple ways you can find your ring size from home.

If you still feel unsure and would rather come by my Workshop in Zürich, simply send a message and I will be more than happy to help. 

Please note that at THAIZ JEWELLERY the American Standard(US) is used. If you know your ring size based on a different standard, please check the conversion chart below: 



There are two simple methods you may follow at home in order to determine your ring size. 


METHOD A: Measuring with a ring you already own. Please note that this will only be efficient if the ring you are measuring the size with, and the one you intend to buy, are for the same finger. Different fingers have different sizes. If you do not own a ring on the size for the correct finger, please follow instructions on "Method B" below!

Instructions: Align the center of your ring with a ruler, and note, as precise as possible, the inside diameter (the biggest number you find). Please note that t"he walls of your ring" do not count! Now that you have the inside diameter, check your size on the chart above!


METHOD B: If you do not own a ring for the intended finger you are shopping for, you may also measure the circumference of your finger with a paper or cord:

1.Wrap a paper at the base of the finger you intend to wear the ring 

2. Mark with a pen where the paper (or cord) overlaps (make sure it feels comfortable, not too tight and not too loose!)

3. Measure the length of the paper with a ruler (in millimetre!)

4. Take the number you discovered and divide it by 3.142 

The result will be the inside diameter of your ring! Check the chart at the top of this page, and you will then have your ring size!

Example: You measured the paper and got 51.5mm as a result. Next step: 51.5 divided by 3.142 = 16.39. Your ring size is 6! (note: if you can not find your exact number on the chart, always round it up).


If you are still unsure of your ring size, always remember our fellow Jewellery Shops, Designers & Makers around the Globe are always there to help and will gladly assist you in finding your size. All you have to do is go in and ask!

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