Thin Tree Bracelet Silver

Thin Tree Bracelet Silver


Simple and yet, so unique!


I designed this bracelet being inspired by how tree branches are connected and their different textures!


Great accessory to wear everyday! Perfect to use with different bracelets!


Special Details:

- Handmade

- Recycled Silver 97.2

- Bracelet Band is 1.5mm.

- Designed to have a tighter fit on the wrist. Please follow instructions below! Select a bigger size if you are unsure or would prefer for it to feel a bit looser.

  • Wrist Sizing

    Designed to have a perfect wrist fit, it is recommended to pay good care when choosing your size.


    To measure your wrist size (in cm), simply use a flexible ruler or tape measure around the area you would like to wear your Bracelet. Please keep in mind to leave just enough room for it to fit comfortably!


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