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Fairtrade Gold Jewellery

Thais Canova Zaccarias Jewellery SP

8003 Zürich Switzerland

+41 79 718 2995


As we all know, the World is growing at an alarming speed and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

In order to give us all and the upcoming generations a chance to experience Mother Earth and its beauty, here at THAÍZ JEWELLERY we are committed on taking steps towards bettering our Planet and Community.

To make sure the Jewellery making process is as ecological as possible, all the designs are handmade using little to none chemicals, and made only to order, meaning that pieces will only be produced when a purchase has been placed, avoiding unnecessary material usage.

As a brand engaged in offering environmentally friendly products, we have extensively researched for material and gemstones suppliers that go hand-in-hand with our believes.  

Rather then exploring new gold mines and damaging our Planet even further, or looking for the best price deal and forgetting how important and special the gemstone lapidatton process is, we opted to use Recycled Silver, Recycled & Fairtrade Gold and Ethically sourced Gemstones.

What does that mean? We focus on recovering & reusing precious metals, as well as promoting safer work conditions to mineral/stone mining workers.


At THAIZ JEWELLERY, we consider packaging as important as the Jewellery making process.

In order to avoid waste or keep it at the lowest level as possible, our packaging is 100% made of recycled & sustainable materials.

Special Details: 

- Jewellery Boxes are 70% made from recycled paper, 

- Satin Ribbon made from wood pulp cellulose (environmentally friendly version of the traditional ribbon),

-  Acid free tissue paper made from 99% recycled pulp fibres,

- Gift bags made from recycled materials and fully recyclable,

- 100% recycled materials on media content made from cotton T-shirts.